Mohawk Technologies can fly customer systems on short notice. We can equip our aircraft quickly and safely to meet your technical requirements and needs whether the need is for counter illicit operations, human trafficking interdiction, hostile environment situations, military intervention, or other surveillance & downrange capabilities. Mohawk Technologies have enabled federal, state & local agencies and industries to safeguard and protect natural resources, people and property.

We can provide aircraft to accomplish a variety of special missions including Airborne Data Acquisition, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Aeria Surveying & Mapping, and Aerial Application. These services can be tailored to your needs to deliver responsive, innovative and cost-effective solutions. As our clients needs change our services continue to evolve as we incorporate useful and promising technologies. Mohawk Tech has recently fielded new technology down range in a REAL environment. Most any size or shape sensor can be integrated and flown on the OV-1D Mohawk.
Pod technology has also been used for sensor development and can also be used on other military aircraft.
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Originally built for the US Army, for reconnaissance and observation, the OV-1D
has an impressive lineage. Our entire fleet has been brought up to current
standards and our systems upgraded to the latest in cutting edge technology.
Some systems we are using include FLIR Systems, a Star SAFIRE III System,
among other unique systems. Our vision is omni-directional with outstanding
capabilities to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The Mohawk was built by
Grumman Aircraft, known by many as "Grumman Ironworks", this hardened
veteran has an M-130 flare and chaff dispenser system, armor plating, IR
suppressive paint, and features Aircraft Survivability Equipment, including
Martin-Baker ejection seats.
Diamond DA-42 Twin Star
Equipped with a military qualified state of the art thermal imaging
system, the Star Saffire III is the most widely used airborne thermal
imager in the world. Deployed with domestic and International Military
Services on fixed-wing & rotary-wing aircraft, the imager has a
combat-proven pedigree of performance and reliability. Our new DA-42
has also been requested to be semi-autonomous. Full motion video
(FMV) has been fielded and approved. There are more than 1,200
Safire Systems currently fielded.
Mohawk OV-1D
A light twin that seats four, this comfortable, smooth & competent, liquid cooled twin-engine aircraft is amazingly quiet. The Diamond has a maximum takeoff weight of 3,935 lbs and scarcely sipps Jet fuel. This high-tech aircraft has optional extended range fuel tanks and is also designed to run on diesel fuel.
The OV-1D is a surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft retired from the US Arm in 1996. They are FAA certified experimental for the purpose of research and development and are capable of carring up to 3550 pounds payload. Equipped with infared countermeasure set, these aircraft are well maintained and have low airframe time.
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